• The 3rd China Ocean NGO Forum
    Oct 28-31, 2019
    Yalong Bay, Sanya city, Hainan Province
    Huayu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Hotel

    Take Action for Our Ocean —— Starting Small

  • Sustain Fishery and
    Fisheries Communities

  • We are Coral Guardians

  • Reflect on the Past
    Act Together for Future

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China Ocean NGO Forum is committed to providing an industry-wide platform for Chinese NGOs who care for marine sustainability to communicate with other sectors. By inviting governmental agencies, NGOs, funders, scientists and social media to have a thorough discussion, we hope to enhance the public awareness and knowledge of ocean ecological conservation, and convene relevant NGOs to take joint efforts and gain more support from social impact investors.
Themed around “Take Action for Our Ocean”, the Third China Ocean NGO Forum will be held during Oct 28-31, 2019, in Sanya city of Hainan province. The forum aims to facilitate a shared understanding of challenges faced by China Ocean NGOs and the actions taken or need to be taken in the near future to tackle those challenges. The forum hopes to convene cross-sector and collaborative initiatives among NGO community for more achievements in ocean sustainability.



Take Action for Our Ocean


Sustainable Fishery

In the recent years, more grassroot NGOs along China’s coast have begun to pay attention to the decline of fishery resources and the safe supply of aquatic products, and experimented various approaches, but they urgently need professional support and cost-effective means to influence the general public.


Take Action to Reduce China’s Marine Pollution

This session will focus on China’s domestic marine pollution management projects and sort out both domestic and international experiences of managing marine pollution to explore how to collaboratively take actions against marine pollution in China.


We are Coral Guardians

This session will invite coral conservationists & organizations worldwide to share cases, present sustainable conservation models and effective operation possibilities for coral conservationists at home and abroad, probe into deficiencies of current models, and form industry consensus.


Marine Biodiversity Conservation

To echo the theme of CBD COP15 which is“Ecological Civilization – Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth”, the session will invite conservation organisations and researchers to discuss how Chinese NGOs can better contribute to marine biodiversity conservation in China.


Restorative Aquaculture

This session will share research and practice on the ecological benefits of shellfish and seaweed aquaculture, aiming to raise public attention on restorative aquaculture, and promote more resources invested in restorative aquaculture practice.


Technology and Ocean Management

We hope to share the cases where people have been trying to develop the technology or using technologies for marine studies and conservation, and discuss how we can leverage the advantages of technology to address marine conservation concerns.


  • Erik Solheim
    Former Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

  • Dr. Meng Zhou
    Dean of the School of Oceanography in Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Dr. Larry Crowder
    Senior Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

  • Maren Hjorth Bauer
    CEO & Co-founder of Katapult Ocean

  • Dr. Ling Cao
    Associate Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Mingzhi Chen
    Chief Design Officer of China Blue Sustainability Institute

  • Lu Fang
    Fisheries and Aquaculture Sustainability Assessment Officer

  • Dr. Boze Hancock
    Marine Restoration Scientist, TNC Global Oceans Team

  • Han Han
    Founder & Executive Director, China Blue Sustainability Institute

  • Dr. Kathinka Furst
    Associate Director, Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University Environmental Law Researcher

  • Li He
    Founder of Zhoushan Qiandao Marine Environmental Protection Development Center

  • Linghui He
    Program Manager of Toxics-Free Corps (Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Public Welfare Development Center)

  • Chieh-Shen (Jason) Hu
    IndigoWaters Institute

  • Robert Jones
    Global Aquaculture Strategy Lead, TNC Global Oceans Team

  • Keith Kei
    Executive Director of Hong Kong Reef Check Foundation

  • Changqing Li
    Director of Science Research and Publicity Division in Sanya coral reef national nature reserve, Hainan

  • Jing Li
    Co-founder of Spoon-Billed-Sandpiper in China

  • Wenzhi Lin
    Research Associate, Chinese Academy of Science, Deep-Sea Engineering and Science Institute

  • Wuying Lin
    Scientific Director of Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association

  • Dr. Sheng Liu
    Professor at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Yadan Liu
    Deputy Secretary General and Researcher of China Agricultural Association for International Exchange

  • Yonglong Liu
    Founder and Chairman of Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center

  • Zifei Liu
    Associate Researcher of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

  • Wei Li
    China Fishery Policy Analyst, Ocean Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

  • Yang Luo
    Teacher for Tourism & Management College of Baise University

  • May Mei
    Founder & Executive Director of GoalBlue

  • Weimin Quan
    Researcher of East China Sea Fishery Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

  • Dr. Walt Reid
    Director of Conservation and Science Program in Packard Foundation

  • Jojo Rodriguez
    Vice-chairman of Sangkalikasan Producers Cooperative

  • Deborah A. Sivas
    Luke W. Cole Professor of Environmental Law, Stanford University

  • Dr. Fang Sun
    Project Manager, Beijing Representative Office, Environmental Defense Fund

  • Andrew Taylor
    Director of Blue Corner Marine Research (www.bluecornerconservation.org)

  • Dr. Aimin Wang
    Professor of Hainan University

  • Ross Mc Leod Wanless
    Asia Tuna Manager, Ocean Outcomes

  • Songlin Wang
    Founder and Chair, Qingdao Marine Conservation Society

  • Morgan(J.X.Xia)
    Secretary-general of Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteers Federation (DIVE FOR LOVE)

  • Tao Xia
    Engineer of First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources

  • Yufeng Yang
    Professor of Jinan University

  • Dr. Junjie Zhang
    Director, Environmental Research Center, Duke Kunshan University

  • Chun Zhang
    Senior Researcher of Chinadialogue

  • Dr. Li Zhang
    Secretary General of SEE Foundation

  • Jane Zhao
    Founder of P.E.T. TM Plastic Ecological Transformation

  • Haolang Zhou
    Research professor of Guangxi Mangrove Research Center (GMRC)

Advisory Organizations


The People’s Government Of Sanya City



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