Ocean Clean-up

From 8th June, the World Ocean Day, we have organized a series of beach clean-up and diving for removing waste under the water. Volunteers from the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, participated in the events. This raised more public awareness on ocean environment, advocated the importance of removing marine debris, and encouraged people to take action to help reduce marine waste.

This joint action attracted 3559 volunteers from 19 cities and 11 provinces. The health of ocean have received more public attention, reported by 9 mainstream media, and 100 thousand views. The webcast of diving had over 110 thousand of people to watch alive.

Some of the waste, such as fishing nets, will be used as for artistic demonstration at the forum. Artists and the public will be invited to use them to create artworks and crafts. We believe this will help people understand the harmful impacts from marine debris and overfishing on the endangered marine animals.

“Volunteers dived for cleaning ocean in Shenzhen, June 2017

“Volunteers took out ghost fishing nets in Sanya, June 2017

Volunteers weighed the trash they collected at beach in Shanghai, June 2017