Responsible Seafood Gala

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Food is one of the most important things for Chinese who are born foodies. In Shenzhen, a coastal city, seafood is many people’s favorite. However, when you enjoy a pan-fried hairtail, have you ever thought about where the hairtail comes from. Do you know some seafood might actually are endangered species, and which choices are healthier and safer?

We will host a responsible seafood gala. We hope to promote the idea of responsible seafood consumption while enjoying the delicious food. We will provide environmental-friendly and responsible seafood selected according to the iFISH database, China’s sustainable seafood assessment by China Blue. Dive4Love will design educational programs to better communicate the concept and knowledge with the public, especially kids and family.

This event, the first of this kind in the mainland China, hopes to encourage more local people to save the ocean by smart seafood eating. We hope more and more Chinese become a conscious and responsible consumer to ocean.