1. Why shall we care about the ocean?

The ocean, covering more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface, is the cradle of the life. It regulates the global climate and precipitation, accumulates a quarter of the world’s genetic resources and half of the oil and gas resources. It provides a wide range of aquatic products for mankind, and its interaction with land creates a beautiful and pleasant coastal landscape. China has more than 18,000 kilometers of coastline and three million square kilometers of sea, but the per capita length of the coastline and per capita sea area in the world are at a low level. China’s marine resources are precious. In the past few decades of economic development, we have unfortunately lost more than half of the coastal wetlands while coastal pollution increased year by year.

2. Why do we need NGOs?

Since 1990s, with the increased Chinese public awareness of environmental protection and public participation, NGOs and government working together to promote sustainable development has become an important feature and trend in China.

In July 2015, the State Oceanic Administration issued the “Implementation plan (2015-2020) of State Oceanic Administration for marine ecological civilization development” marks the importance of China’s marine environment has been raised to the national strategic level. Establishing a nation-wide marine ecological awareness is considered to be an important measure of the marine ecological civilization. And this can not be achieved alone by the government departments and scientific research institutions. NGOs must play a critical role.

3. Why do we need a forum?

The growth of China’s NGO forces is also increasingly concerned about the ocean. But often these NGOs lack marine-related professional knowledge and practical experience, with fellow actions less aligned for louder voice. The lack of communication and cooperation, and difficulty to effectively integrate social resources constraint the growth of ocean NGOs in China. The forum will promote the system planning, resource sharing, cross-border cooperation within China’s philanthropic and NGO community. Such forum will enhance the strategic thinking of China’s non-profit sector through panels, presentations, technical training, on-site activities, film salons and other forms. It will strengthen the Chinese and foreign funders to collaborate on ocean issues.

4. Who shall attend the forum?

Any person and organization concerned with marine environmental protection, marine ecological health, whether from civil society, government departments, research institutions, enterprises, media or social groups can apply for participation in the forum. For more information, please visit the “Registration” to secure your seat.

5. Do you participate in the forum for free?

The forum upholds the principle of nonprofit and implements a strict financial system. Forum organizers adhere to the principle of frugality will only charge a small part of the forum cost as a registration fee.

6. Will the forum continue?

Held in December 2015 in Haikou, the first forum received unprecedentedly positive feedback from participants. This summer, in August 2017 in Shenzhen, the second forum is about to launch. The Forum Management Committee will decide the venue and time biennially.