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Shenzhen • Dapeng

“Philanthropic City”
Shenzhen, border with Hong Kong, is the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up, which not only created a remarkable economic and social development achievement, but also promoted the development of public welfare, known as the “Philanthropic City” and “Love City”.

In recent years, Shenzhen has made a strong commitment to creating a Happy City, to optimizing the policy environment with innovation and institutional development, and gradually forming a strategy of “government promoted, NGO operated, public participated, multi-stakeholder cooperated”. Shenzhen, where all kinds of social organizations had registered, has become China’s non-profit pioneer and practitioner.

Shenzhen holds the highest per capita donation in China, its comprehensive charitable public welfare index ranks the first in the country … … this young city has its unique atmosphere of philanthropy. “Everyone can contribute for non-profits”, “charity and philanthropy” and other ideas have been highly appreciated by all citizens. Stimulating the community to join the public charity initiative, Shenzhen as the national leader of the public sector, has endeavored to generate greater productivity, creativity and influence.

“Global Ocean Center City”
Shenzhen is located on the brink of the South China Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the coastline sums up to 260 km with the sea area of 1145 square kilometers. It has 51 islands with the Pearl River estuary and many bays.

In November 2015, the State Oceanic Administration identified the “a Shenzhen pilot for the creation of an ecosystem-based marine management demonstration zone” and implemented integrated marine ecosystem management. In November 2016, the State Oceanic Administration approved Shenzhen as the country’s first integrated marine management demonstration area. In 2017, the newly issued the “National Marine Economic Development during 13th FYP” (public version)”, Shenzhen has been nominated as “the global ocean center city.”

In the process of building a world-class “ocean center city”, Shenzhen is exploring the theoretical system and method of marine integrated management with Chinese characteristics and ecosystem. Relying on the Chinese market economy starting place, with the advantages of reform and innovation vitality, Shenzhen will be marine management system and mechanism innovation, marine industry development, marine ecological civilization and other aspects of the country for the construction of “marine power” strategy to provide a model and reference.

Dapeng New District

Dapeng New District is located in southeastern Shenzhen, surrounded by sea, east of Daya Bay, and Huizhou border, west hold Dapeng Bay, looking into Hong Kong New Territories. New District is the ecological cornerstone of Shenzhen, the forest coverage rate reached 76%, the coastline is 133.22 kilometers long, accounting for about one-half of the city’s, with 54 different sizes of golden sand beach. Dapeng New District is also the root of the culture of Shenzhen, the area of Dapeng City, known as the root of Pengcheng is the only national key cultural relics. Shenzhen marine ecological civilization development reform “main position”, approved by the State Oceanic Bureau to create a national marine ecological civilization demonstration area.

Since the establishment of the new district, Dapeng has always prioritized the development of ecological civilization. For four consecutive years, the “potential love Dapeng” coral conservation program, the achievements of the Dapeng Peninsula good marine ecological environment made significant progress.


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